The science is clear: high-quality early care and education significantly improves children’s life outcomes, ranging from educational attainment to income generation to criminal justice to health. And those improved outcomes are hugely beneficial to our communities, which see greater tax revenue, fewer safety net and other expenses, and an environment primed for revitalization. The benefits of high-quality early care and education are simply enormous.

The question, then, is not whether to provide such education and care; rather, the question is how best to do it. Even more precisely, assuming that the public sector has some role to play in the answer, particularly for children growing up in low-income households, the question is as follows: how best can policy and action support the delivery of high-quality early care and education?

We set out in this report to answer that question, specifically as it pertains to Detroit. We must recognize and harness our city’s unique history, culture, and context to do and provide our best for our children. We offer several recommendations to advocates, policymakers, and other stakeholders striving to do the same.

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